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About the Wizard Watch

There is no greater priority than the safety and security of your child. The Wizard Watch is an affordable, reliable, and fully-featured wearable communications tracking device. The GPS Wizard watch helps parents contact, locate, monitor, and protect their children.

You want to give your child the freedom to explore the world around them, but at the same time, you have concerns about their safety and protection. The Wizard lets kids be kids and gives parents the confidence to allow their children to explore the world outside, without the stress and fear of wondering where they are or if they are safe.

Phoenix smartwatch for seniors Top Features

Live GPS Tracking

Always be able to pinpoint your child’s current location

Safe Zones

Create Safe zones and Danger Zones (virtual fence) using our easy to use iGPS app

Voice & Text Messaging

Extensive experience in both iOS and Android APP Development

Removal & SOS Alerts

Your child can easily alert you in case of an emergency!

Take Me Home Mapping

They’ll never get lost with step-by-step directional mapping

Two-way Voice Calling

You are never more than a call away from your loved one

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Award-Winning Design

With its sleek interface and its comfortable, colorful design, your loved one will enjoy wearing it just as much as you enjoy the reassurance that you can easily contact, locate, monitor, and protect them, anywhere, anytime.

The Wizard Watch Phone is a fully-featured, LIVE GPS tracking and voice/text communication device. With our accompanying app, a free iOS/Android download, guardians have access to a slew of great features.

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Our subscription is a complete solution and the device comes fully activated and ready to use!

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